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Christina Asoy headshots

Christina Asoy

General Manager


  • Masters in Business Administration - John F. Kennedy University

  • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor    

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

  • Pain Free Performance Specialist and Functional Kettelbell Training Specialist

  • Certified TRX Group and Functional Training Instructor

  • Certified PiYo Instructor

  • Certified Kettlebell AMPD Instructor

  • Certified Lebert Fitness Systems Instructor

  • Certified POUND Instructor

Specialty Areas:

  • Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Functional Fitness

  • Mature Adults/Older Population One on One Training

  • Dynamic Stretching/Flow

Philosophy on Fitness & Life:

I am an advocate of mind and body connection. I always encourage my students and clients to FEEL the muscle/body part they are working on or using during a workout. When it comes to workouts, everything is scalable to accommodate one's capacity.  That should focus on what they can do and not the ones they can't.  Keep moving.  Recovery or rest days are as important as working out.  Listen to your body.  I prioritize holistic and more natural approach when addressing aches/pains and other body issues.


Jamie Cassidy

Fitness Manager


  • NASM certified personal trainer

  • NASM group training 

  • AFFA group training

  • CPR/ AED 

Specialty Areas:

  • Fat loss/ muscle gain

  • Body toning and strength gain

  • Bodybuilding and powerlifting

  • Cardiorespiratory training and running

Philosophy on Fitness & Life:

A self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, Jamie was on the track and cross-country teams and also loved lifting weights. Jamie was inspired to take it to the next level where he has competed in many bodybuilding shows. Jamie felt that he could help other people and became certified with the best certification available. Jamie understands that there is a mind-body connection that can be motivated and taught to bring years of positive exercise experiences! 

Suresh Bhatta headshots

Suresh Bhatta

Yoga Instructor


  • Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hours

  • Certified Yoga Therapy 300 hours

  • Certified Meditation Master 300 hours

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science from Tribhuvan University Nepal

Specialty Areas:

  • Hatha and Raja Yoga

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Breath works and Kundalini awakening

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Reiki and Energy Healing

  • Author of upcoming book “Be healthy and Be happy 24/7”

Philosophy on Fitness & Life:

I strongly believe in self transformation which starts from the mind. The technique and method of Yoga and meditation can help join the mind and body with higher consciousness. The aim of life is total liberation from the obstacles of the body and mind (Chitta). Through the practice of yoga and Meditation, just like lemons can be turned into lemonade   obstacles can turn into success In my experience with my own self development and with my students, I have come to understand one simple truth: Happiness and Health can be achieved by going within and doing the work. The reality is, you are the only one who can help yourself achieve great health and true happiness by going within and achieving a strong mindset, one of love, joy and peace.

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